Use our Private Sale domain name on your signage for free to sell your home. It's easy for your prospective buyers to remember your sign when it says ...

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Show your Private Sale house listing on the map for free.
Buy a TelNames website as your mobile-friendly solution to increasing local consumer awareness and pushing coupons and offers to customers in real-time.

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How Works Use on your sign for free. Add your listing as directed on the "Get Listed" site. It becomes geo-aware and location-sensitive to visitors. When a prospective buyer sees your easy-to-remember sign, they'll go on-line and visit - your listing will immediately appear on the map with a link to your information. UPGRADE If you would like a detailed page with a subdomain like ... then for only $10 you build a complete, detailed page with your listing information on our site. When a buyer visits your detailed information will appear first. Tags: For Sale By Owner Signs Privately Sold Real Estate
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